Hareline - Premium Hungarian Partridge Feathers

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One of the most universal soft hackles there is, Hungarian Partridge Feathers can be used in a ton of different ways, and Hareline’s Premium Hungarian Partridge Feathers save you the time of sifting through the duds without bumping into the price of a full skin. Selected to be higher quality feathers than your standard bag of Hungarian Partridge, these premium feathers provide more full feathers with fewer splits so you can tie anything from stonefly nymphs to soft hackles. A versatile feather with excellent coloring and patterns, Hareline’s Premium Hungarian Partridge Feathers come in both natural and dyed color options so you can finetune any bug on the water.


Hungarian Partridge Feathers have soft fibers that are excellent for tail and leg fibers on nymphs and emergers as well as for wrapping classic soft hackles. Although Hungarian Partridge Feathers are often thought of as a soft hackle staple, these feathers also make great wings on up and down wing dry flies. A staple feather on most tying desks, you’ll find that these high quality feathers are a great choice whether you’re adding legs to a Hare’s Ear Nymph or whipping up a traditional Partridge and Orange.


Hungarian Partridge is a feather that’s mostly in a class of its own. Due to its excellent colors and patterns and its convenient size, it’s a staple for most soft hackles and nymph applications. And although there isn’t exactly a feather that compares to Hungarian Partridge, some soft hackles such as Grizzly Soft Hackle or even Grouse Feathers can work in a pinch. While these feathers won’t give the classic look and effect that Hungarian Partridge is known for, they’ll work as tail and leg fibers on nymphs and can be wrapped to tie soft hackles, but if you really want to get that classic soft hackle look, it’s best to use Hungarian Partridge.

Example Flies

This feather is a widespread material that can be used for a variety of patterns, but a couple of the most noteworthy are:

  • Partridge and Orange
  • Hare’s Ear Soft Hackle
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