Simms - Riprap Wading Sandals - Felt Sole

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Superior felt-soled sandals, with fatigue-fighting footbed technology. Simms' new Riprap Wading Sandals - Felt Soles are all-day, in-stream allies, combining a streamlined architecture with the fatigue-fighting benefits of Right Angle® footbed technology. Synthetic, hydrophobic mesh uppers buck abrasion and block debris. Finally, take advantage of stud-capable rubber outsoles with center felt pads for superior grip on wet and dry surfaces and a bungee lacing system for smooth on-off performance.

  • Low-top, wet wading sandal with proprioception
  • Open-designed upper to allow debris to wash out easily
  • High abrasion synthetic & hydrophobic mesh upper
  • Bungee lacing closure
  • Felt outsole: rubber area is stud-capable
WEIGHT: 34 oz. (963.9 g)
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