R.L. Winston - Freshwater Air Fly Rod

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There are days on the water when anything can happen. A pod of trout gulp midges mid-morning. Bright skies at noon encourage nymph rigs that get beadheads down into the deeper slots and faster runs. Afternoon clouds open streamer or terrestrial boxes. And at last light, an evening caddis or mayfly hatch lengthens the leader and lightens the tippet.

Winston Freshwater AIR™ rods are truly the “Swiss Army Knife” of fly rods. Thanks to our unique progressive action and SuperSilica resin system, these extremely lightweight freshwater rods load easily yet feature faster recovery rates when special situations arise.

So go ahead, grab one of everything that’s on the report and just go fishing. Freshwater AIR models let anglers breathe easy when anything can happen anywhere trout swim.


  • WEIGHTS: 3wt. thru 8wt.
  • ACTION: Medium Fast
  • GUIDES: Hard chrome snake over-sized “Shooting Guides” with chrome nano-lite stripping guides
  • REEL SEAT: Nickel silver with figured Maple insert on 7’6” 3wt thru 9’ 6wt. Charcoal Gray anodized aluminum with double locking rings on 91/2’ 6, 7 and 8wt.
  • STORAGE: Premium graphite rod tube with embroidered with logo rod sock

Freshwater AIR Fresh 4wt: These 4 weights give anglers added versatility from the breezy conditions in Chile to the quiet dimples of evening risers on the Henry’s Fork. The 8’ version specializes at anything spring creek related, the 8’6” is an extremely accurate rod on both small and bigger rivers, and the 9’ excels on bigger water when longer casts, more mending, and trailing an emerger off the back end of a dry is required.

Freshwater AIR 5wt: If an angler could only own one Winston, these 5 weight rods would be tough to beat. These models can do it all: from small flies on the light tippet, to turning over shorter leaders when flipping hoppers or smaller streamers from the bow of a drift boat. Think big fish in tight spots with the accuracy of the 8’6”, or any fish, anytime with the 9 footer.

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